A little about us

Hello from Mezerac, Gaillac d’Aveyron, France! We are a couple from Edinburgh who moved to Aveyron in 2011.



My professional career in Edinburgh took me on a journey from working for several years as a Psychiatric Nurse at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital to training and working as a Psychotherapist. During my time as a Psychotherapist I developed an interest in Alternative and Energy Therapies and, after practicing as an EFT Therapist, I became a Reiki Master. I have always had a passion for travelling and fell in love with France during holidays here with Graham.



I have had a mixed bag of career and job experiences from hairdressing to signing for the deaf while running a youth club for deaf children in Edinburgh. However, my main professions have been working as a computer network engineer and latterly running my own joinery business specialising in attic conversions and renovations. I too fell in love with life in France while holidaying with Denise. Part of my love for Aveyron is the many fabulous old buildings and renovations that take place here.



Timo & Jake

We would like to introduce you to Timo, our rescue cat and Jake, our very energetic and loving dog. We’re not exactly sure how old Timo is but he chose to come and live with us in December 2011, just before the coldest winter for 30 years! He’s a solitary wee soul who chooses when he wants cuddles, but when he does, he’s very affectionate and loving. He likes to welcome new people to ‘his pack’ with a gentle head butt! Jake was born in February 2013 to dogs of our friends in Gaillac d’Aveyron. He has a fabulous nature and loves to welcome guests to La Maison de Papillon, occasionally barking a hello! He loves attention and caresses. He likes us all to be eternally together in his ‘pack’ and has been known to try to leave with our guests when we’re not looking! He loves the company of other dogs and insists on playing with them in his big garden.
In autumn, we are lucky to have Fuego here with us. This is our friends' horse who comes to enjoy our fields for a few months each year. He has a beautiful nature and enjoys being close to people. Jake is particularly fond of him. Our friends run a horse riding school near-by, which we would highly recommend.


Why we moved to Aveyron

We knew for some time that we would eventually move to France. So, we visited several regions while holidaying and finally happened upon Aveyron. We instantly fell in love with both the surroundings and the people. Aveyron has many attractions, with more villages classified as the most ‘beautiful villages in France’ than any other region. There are three main valleys, wonderful Rodez with its fabulous cathedral, lively Millau at the gateway to the awe-inspiring Tarn Gorge, the mountains of the Aubrac and France’s largest Lake District. Being food lovers we are delighted to be living here! Aveyron is famous for its fresh farm and market produce, having supplied Parisian restaurants for many years. Much of Aveyron’s countryside reminds us of Scotland, as does the humour of our French friends and neighbours who have made us extremely welcome! Needless to say we have not regretted our choice of location and hope that many more people discover the beauty and wonders of Aveyron, like we did.